Yep, I finally made it to Bolivia! I am in Copacabana and it is pouring rain outside the internet cafe with thunder and lightening — very exciting. Hope that tomorrow the weather will be OK for our trip out to the Isla del Sol, the legendary originating spot of the Inca people. Legend has it that it was on Isla del Sol that the Pachmama (Mother Earth) and the Pachatata (Father Earth) came together and began the first Incan people.


It was very sunny and pleasant throughout the day here today, so pehaps the rains just come at night — I hope so. It´s not as cold as everyone had told me it would be — maybe about 55 degrees F or so right now. Still, there is some snow on the mountains. Lake Titicaca is just BONITA! The beauty is reflected in the tranquil waters of the lago. It´s pretty awesome. I still cannot believe that I am here… finally. 

You would not believe the time I have had just getting here. I had to take 6 different kinds of transport to reach my destination (including the typical collectivo and two tricicletas… which was a little adventure, lemme tell ya!) because the regularly scheduled luxury tourist class bus from Arequipa I was going to be on CANCELLED all their service… apparently because they did not have enough passengers… or so I was told. I find that hard to believe, but nevertheless we have persevered. Apparently, not many tourists actually approach Lake Titicaca from the Bolivian side. They typically go from Puno. To make up for this transport problem, Saul (my travel agent based in Arequipa, Peru) sent his girlfriend, Mirabelle, to accompany me on this trip and to help with communication and arrangements. Wasn´t that nice? She has been a tremendous help in so many ways. AND I am actually learning some decent Espanol! She does not speak much English, but we seem to communicate quite well. I am practicing my Espanol a lot and in just one day I find I am already starting to THINK en Espanol. That´s kind of funny considering I took almost 4 years of Spanish in high school and could not even hold a conversation — I think I was too afraid to try. However, Mirabelle is wonderful and very encouraging. She helps me find the words somehow. 

Our hotel in Copacabana is really nice. I had the BEST HOT SHOWER this evening before dinner —  I know that sounds petty, but it´s the first really good one I´ve had since I got to Peru. We just finished dinner at another hotel (my typical vegetariana fare was omelette con legumbres again… gee, what a surprise). It was quite good, however. 

Tomorrow will be a full day of exploring the Isla del Sol. Then, we´ll head back to Puno for tomorrow night. The following day we will explore the Uros floating islands made of reeds and the actual land-made island of Taquile which is supposed to be quite interesting. The Lake Titicaca region is very rich in history and culture and I know I will enjoy learning more about it. In addition, I just happen to be here during a fiesta time… so that´s pretty cool. There is lots of musica y celebracion.


I depart Puno on Wednesday (Nov. 1) morning and should be in Cusco by that evening or maybe even late afternoon. So, I look forward to the coming week.

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