Countdown to GALAPAGOS!!!

I leave for the Galapagos tomorrow morning, so I´ll keep this simple. I would rather be seasick on a boat in the Galapagos than stuck in Guayaquil where I am now. Use your imagination — Guayaquil is worse. Here´s my list of the top ten reasons to SKIP Quayaquil altogether if at all possible:

 1) the traffic (every hour is rush hour, believe me)

2) the locals who realize you don´t speak fluent Spanish and so they speak even FASTER (as if you could gleen their general meaning from their sheer enthusiasm),

3) the pollution (I would say this town reminds me a little of downtown New Delhi, but I liked Delhi more)

4) the humidity (let´s just say I take a couple showers a day around here),

5) the expense (everything seems to cost $1 and up — ever hear of using centimos, people?)

6) the crazy taxi drivers and other cars that seem to AIM for pedestrians (such as myself; here, only cars have the right of way)

7) the stupid banks that have decided to no longer cash ANY travelers checks because they think ALL travelers checks are fakes (folks, you´d better bring your Plus system ATM cards cause they will be your only hope in this town).

8) the fact that no one ever seems to have any change (and I mean not even for a $10 bill !)

9) the unbearable and CONSTANT noise coming from the streets almost all hours of the day and night

10) the obvious sense of distrust that prevails in this town (every time you post something home, you have to open the package in front of the postal clerk and one armed guard so they can inspect the package for DRUGS; and when you pay for something, they always hold the bill up to the light or scrutinize the coins to make sure they are not fakes).

Do yourself a favor when you head to the Galapagos. Spend as little time in Guayaquil as possible. That´s my advice.

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5 Comments on “Countdown to GALAPAGOS!!!”

  1. June, Africa & Tashi Colton Says:

    Dear Laurel,
    Sorry this part of your trip turned out so badly. When your cruise is finished get out of Ecuador! Is Chile an option? Hope the Isalnds lived up to your expectations.
    Sending all our love,

  2. Ron J Says:

    Laurel – I am so sorry that you have run into such an unpleasant destination after such a magical beginning! I certainly hope they have not found a way to spoil the Galapagos experience – we are all eagerly awaiting your correspondance to find out. Hopefully Guayaquil is the only nightmare on your otherwise perfect trek. Sounds like you have your health, and your humor – those should get you through the choppy waters until you hit calm seas again.

    Keep up the good work. Peace!

  3. Rachel Says:

    There you are!!!!! I was so excited to receive your e-mail and read about your travels! The funny thing is…I might be in Quito when you’re there. What’s the chance of that happening? My husband and I have a sound company and he works as an audio engineer for various artists in South America (mostly Colombia and Equador.) It just so happens he’s ‘doing’ Shakira in Quito and I planned on going to see him (and her, I guess!) If it worked out that I could see you too, that would make my trip complete! I’ll keep you posted if I will be there when you are. By the way, my husband has similar feelings about Guayaquil. He’s done many events there.

    Have fun and stay safe! Love, Rachel

  4. Chris Says:

    Hey, Laurel!

    Thank you so much for including us along on your adventure! I am enjoying your journal and look forward to your next post. Best wishes for safe journeys! Love, Chris

  5. bill mandel Says:

    Laur-el, Sounds like a great trip so far, but tell me how you really feel about Guayaquil, don’t hold back or be polite. It sounds like you have done a hugh amount of climbing. Is a trip to Everest next? When you get back, I expect a complete list of all birds, reptiles and mammals (you can skip the rats) you saw on, around or under sea at the Islands of the Tortoises. If you think the keyboards in South America are hard, try using one in Hebrew. Back to hunt and peck. Anyway, even the hard times are part of the experience. If you want perfect, go with Abercrombie and Fitch, white shirts, pressed khakis, tea every afternoon with your pinkie crooked -boring!!! See you at the Zoo when you get back. Can’t wait to see the pics and flicks.

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