Heading for HOME!

Well, it´s been quite a month of travel. I would be lying if I said that it was all a cake-walk. However, there were definitely a lot of good things to remember. Still, I have to say that I look forward to falling asleep in my own bed tomorrow night. I will relish taking a shower in my own shower and I will especially enjoy cooking my own vegetarian meal tomorrow night in my own kitchen. I´ve had enough bread, cheese, soup, and omelettes to last me for quite a while. Let´s just say that traveling in this part of the world as a vegetarian has been a challenge. My first stop the day after I get home will be One World Vegetarian restaurant in West Covina — man, I need a good veggie fix!

OK, so Quito has been just fine. I´ve seen a lot and spent ($) a lot here. Ecuador is a costly place. However, I enjoyed Otavalo market yesterday and found some pretty good deals there. Suffice it to say, I won´t feel like shopping again for a while. The Mitad del Mundo (Equator monument) which I went to two days ago was also pretty cool. They show you how when you are right on the Equator, water does not swirl in any clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, but just goes straight down the drain. Whereas when you are standing just about 1 meter to the north or south of the Equator, it swirls down the drain in one direction or the other… which is pretty spooky and cool. I have it all on videotape!

It rained today in Quito all afternoon. However, I did take the TeleferiQo lift to the top of the Pichincha (volcano) mountain for a good view of Quito. Got drenched in the rain making my way back to my hostal later this afternoon. Oh, well, it was the ONE day I forgot to take my poncho. Sigh….

Looking forward to being home tomorrow and sorting through all my photos to share with the rest of you online soon hopefully. I have over a thousand photos to sift through, so I´ll appreciate your patience! : >

That´s all for now. Got to get to sleep early tonight as I have to head to the airport at about 4:30 AM tomorrow. Thanks for reading these blogs over the past month. I apologize for their lack of eloquence, but frankly while I´ve been traveling it´s been an effort just to get online and put a coherent English sentence together with all the stray (and sometimes unintelligible) Spanish words floating through my head.

Tripchick — over and out — from Quito. Adios!

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2 Comments on “Heading for HOME!”

  1. Bill Mandel Says:

    Welcome back. It sounds as though the trip was a great one, despite all the less then pleasant hiccups along the way. If it would have gone absolutely perfect, just think how boring that would have been. I knew about the toilets flushing the other way south of the equator (been there, done that) but didn’t know about the straight down right at. Good trivia info that I’ll have to fit into one of my tours sometime. The subject just doesn’t seem to come up that often. Well it’s 5 am (don’t know why I got up) so I’ll just mosey back to bed and try to catch a few winks until the bird starts moving around wanting a little scratch on the head and his breakfast. See you around campus. Bill

  2. Hi Laurel,
    Wow, your travels are awesome! Thanks for mentioning our restaurant in your post. Hope next time you’re in town you’ll stop by and let us know 🙂

    Best wishes,
    One Veg World

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