It´s not the end of the world…

Buenos Aires (B.A.) is nothing like Ushuaia, the famed end of the world. Number one, the temperature is much higher and it´s more humid in B.A.  Number two, the population and traffic produce a little culture shock when you first arrive in B.A. However, being back in B.A. does signify the end of my trip, and so I do experience a small sigh of relief… as I feel I have accomplished my goals and can head for home with some sense of closure.

After leaving Ushuaia two days ago, I arrived in B.A. safe and sound with my cabin mate from the Polar Star, Julia. We went straight to our hotel (Julia invited me to stay with her at a very nice hotel in the Recoleta area of B.A., just a few steps away from the lovely Recoleta Cemetary which I wrote fondly about in an earlier post).

Yesterday, we explored parts of B.A., including San  Telmo where we ate lunch and watched some tango dancing in the Plaza Dorrego there. Even met a nice French gentleman, Bruno, who provided a little social entertainment along the way. We spent a bit of time shopping in the plaza before heading back to our hotel so that Julia could depart for the airport in the evening. It was sad to see her go because as I said before, the people I´ve met on this little adventure have completely MADE the trip for me. I never would have had quite so much fun were it not for Julia and others like her I met along the way. I look forward to staying in touch with them in the future.

So, last night, to comfort myself after Julia left, I decided to go to a tango show… not just any tango show, but the Carlos Gardel (Argentine tango singing hero) tango show which has become renown over the years. I was picked up at my hotel and wisked away to an elaborate theatre (milonga) in the northern section of town to witness a 1.5 hour long show complete with singing and extrememly athletic tango dancing. All I can say is I don´t know how the women don´t get whiplash the way the men swing them around and throw them down across their knees for a flamboyant finale. It´s pretty dramatic and sometimes looks a bit violent. I wouldn´t call it purely romantic dance. It´s more turmultuous, but perhaps that´s how Argentines view relationships. Their tango certainly reflects this to my way of thinking. Passionate, yes. Dramatic, yes. Tragic and dangerous, perhaps. Tango definitely tells a story.

Got back to my hotel after midnight (these tango shows, and just about everything else they do around here, occur late in the evening typically). Went straight to bed. I would not last long in B.A. I´m afraid. I need my 7-8 hours of sleep.

This morning, I´ve checked out of my hotel and will walk around the city a bit more today before heading to the airport this evening. I plan to hit the only street that most tourists normally target, Ave. Florida, which is full of shops. I feel it´s safe for me to do so now as I:  a) have little money left and so hopefully won´t spend much, and b) am not really in the shopping mood today… and so hopefully won´t spend much. You get the point. However, I feel I have to at least lay eyes on this avenue as it has such a reputation. The street is closed to cars and so it should be a pleasant stroll for us pedestrians. We´ll see.

Well, I probably won´t post another blog until after I get home the morning of Dec. 22. Perhaps I´ll write more then about my general conclusions and afterthoughts on this trip. This is not the time. So, signing off from Argentina. My trip may be over, but it´s not the end of the world…. : >

 Laurel — OUT.

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One Comment on “It´s not the end of the world…”

  1. Steve H Says:

    Well glad you got to see so much of nothing yet the most amazing place on earth. When ya hoing to visit Santa?

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